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Our goals are to eliminate domestic violence, empower victims, educate the public, and promote partnerships.
Many victims of Domestic Violence are women. 1 in 4 women report being physically or sexually abused
by a husband or boyfriend at some point during their lives.

Did You Know
It’s a crime to threaten, beat or sexually assault any person, even if they are married. Domestic violence
is more than just a family problem –
It’s a CRIME.

Battering is not a crime exclusively committed against women, but they do constitute the majority of
victims.  It could be a battered wife, or woman, man or child..

Why Don’t They Leave? (The most common question.)
Some of the most common reasons are:

Fear of reprisal, shame or humiliation keeps victims trapped in violent homes.

Abusers commonly deny responsibility for their behavior by blaming the victim for the abuse.

Victims are given strong incentives to stay; such as threats of harm, and threats against the   
victim’s children, friends and family.

Victims are urged to take responsibility for the violence and blame themselves.

In seeking help from agencies in the community, too often victims are greeted with responses   
that encourage reuniting with the batterer or minimizing the abuse.

Victims are subdued and discouraged by unsuccessful help-seeking and they learn to suffer in          
silence and isolation.

If You Become A Victim of Domestic Violence

* Call the police

* Make sure you are safe from continued violence. When you believe you are in danger, leave home and
take your children with you. Also take important papers like your drivers license, birth certificates,
vehicle registration, etc.

* Get medical attention. Don’t try to treat yourself – you may be more hurt than you realize.

* Seek assistance. Whether or not you decide to file charges, you may need to talk to a professional
about your situation. Contact your local shelter, support group or victims’ assistance center.

* Save all the evidence (proof) that you can.  You may want to take pictures of any injuries. If you decide to
file charges later, you will need proof of your injuries.

A Way Out
Everyone has the right to be safe from threats and violence – but YOU must take the first step. Once you
recognize that it’s
It's NOT YOUR FAULT, and it IS possible to change your situation, seek the help you
need.If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at
(800)799-7233. You are not alone.
Are You A Victim of Domestic Violence?
If you feel you are in danger   
call your local police 911
or the
National Domestic Violence

1.800.799.SAFE (7233)
1.800.787.3224 (TTY)
Anonymous & Confidential Help
Stop Domestic Violence
One of the best reasons to give to the
“Created to Be Whole” Domestic
Violence Program (CTBWDVP) for
women is to make a difference in the
lives of women.  Every donation to  
this program helps support victim s of
violence and to ensure someone is
available for them in a time of need.
Stay Safe
Created To Be Whole - Stop Domestic Violence Against Women
Use a safe computer. Computer use
can be monitored and is impossible
to completely clear. If you are afraid
your Internet and/or computer usage
might be monitored, please use a
Domestic  Violence Hotline or your
local Domestic Violence Hotline.
Connecticut Hotline
1 (888) 774- 2900
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